What are the impressions of our visitors?

What are the impressions of our visitors?

We repeatedly emphasize to visitors that what follows will not be just a classic museum visit. The surprise we see on the visitors' faces when we take off the VR headset proves that they didn't take us very seriously and that what they experienced far exceeded their expectations.

Once they put the headset on their heads, visitors have the opportunity to experience not quite a classic visit to the museum, but a real journey through time in which they will stand side by side with Gavril Princip and witness the last moments of the royal couple's life.

Sulejman shared his experience with us. "The unforgettable experience I had in this museum can hardly be described in words. I recommend everyone who wants to find out how the day that changed the course of history and was the trigger for the First World War took place, to definitely visit the Sarajevo VRX museum. In it, they will have the opportunity to relive the experience of a random passer-by that day through VR technology, feel the atmosphere that prevailed during the visit of the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, and witness the cruel act of Gavrilo Princip."

If you're going to be at the event site, we've done our best to make you feel like you're a part of the moment once you're there. “The VR film is meticulously recreated, with stunning visual and sound effects that bring the events of the day to life in an unprecedented way. You will feel as if you are actually standing in the middle of the crowd, experiencing the tension and excitement of the moment," says Miralem.

From the beginning, the goal was to create a story that would be both interesting and instructive. Through the story, you have the opportunity to explore the political landscape of that time and understand the complexities and tensions that led to a fatal event that will have consequences for the entire world. "It's the perfect blend of fun and learning, bringing history to life. If you love history, don't miss this unique experience!", says Igor.

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