Behind the Scenes: From the idea to the first VR museum in BiH

Behind the Scenes: From the idea to the first VR museum in BiH

Have you ever wondered how the story of the first VR museum in Sarajevo began and what happened behind the scenes?

Our journey began with extensive historical research. Together with our collaborators, we dived deep into the archives and historical facts, wanting to present the story in the most neutral and realistic way possible. We did not choose only well-known facts, because from the beginning we had the intention that the visitors would dive into the story in detail and objectively, and that they could form their own opinion and judgement about the event that forever changed the course of history.

Aware that every detail is equally important and that therefore the story should be well-crafted, we have created the scenario so that it is informative, interesting and educational at the same time. Our collaborators for the graphic part worked tirelessly to turn every detail into a visual element and to breathe life into the whole story. From the reconstruction of the streets of Sarajevo of that era, to the atmosphere that prevailed there, all visual elements are created so that the user really gets the impression that he has traveled through time and was an eyewitness of a landmark event, side by side with the main actors of it. As we imagined from the very beginning - once you put the VR headset on your head, you are not just watching a movie in a VR environment, but you are embarking on a real exploration, traveling several decades back, while sitting on your chair in the present.

As is already known, the first draft is only the beginning of the story. Testing, feedback, corrections and changes were crucial to maximize the user immersive experience in the first phase. We can't even say how many times we've watched the movie ourselves!

Many months of dedication resulted in the official opening of our doors and screening of our movie “The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the Beginning of the First World War" at the beginning of the 9th month of this year. From this period, the visitors begin their journeys through time, and the virtual story of Sarajevo's VRX Museum becomes reality.

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